Natural Ability Guide

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Natural Ability Guide

Post by Kris on 22nd September 2013, 11:14 am

Each race will have a detailed explanation in this guide that describes and explains each of their natural abilities,

Superhuman Strength
    Information regarding strength/stats goes here.

Superhuman Speed
    Information regarding speed/stats goes here.

Superhuman Endurance
    Information regarding speed/stats goes here.

Night Sight
    A Vampire's eyesight is trained to see through the darkness. They are capable of immediately adjusting to varying levels of light and can see near perfectly through darkness, making them excellent predators of the night.

      • Immune to Disease
      • Immortal
      • Enhanced Regenerative Capabilities
      • Torpor (Regenerative Capabilities boosted by hibernation.)
      • Ability to sense the location of their Childes and Ghouls until they've been released
      • Retractable Fangs
      • No need for respiration

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