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Guide to Magic

Post by Kris on 5th August 2013, 4:44 am

Magic, the basis of power for all of Daemon kind. Magic, illusions, the arcane arts, black magic, and every other kind of name that the mortals have titled their powers are what defines the race of Demons and what gives them their power. Through the use of magic circles and incantations, demons can summon flames from another realm, move quickly from one place to another, and even bring back the dead. These magic spells are organized into elements such as fire, water, wind, earth, shield magic, and black magic. Magic spells also have a cool-down that must be obeyed before they can be cast again.

But the race of Demons are not the only beings in existence with the natural ability to preform the Arcane arts. Humans that have been exposed to the magic of demons occasionally gain the ability to create and preform their own spells. Most other supernatural races are capable of lower level magics as well.

So how do these divine arts work? Well, magic is ranked on a tier-based system. There are three tiers, the lowest being Tier 1 and the highest being Tier 3. These tiers divide the varying powers of Demon magic.

Tier 1 Spells (Low)
The lowest of the low, this magic is the most basic and makes up for the majority of a Demon's arsenal of magic. Spell Circles and Incantations of this tier require a one post charge up, meaning that one post must be dedicated to either creating the circle or chanting the incantation, before the magic can be utilized. Tier 1 spells normally only last one or two posts, and do not have many offensive or defensive capabilities. Examples of this tier would be summoning a fire, moving an item telepathically, or picking a lock. Tier 1 spells have a negative effect on the caster's fatigue, comparable to a short two minute sprint.
For Humans: Spell Circles and Incantations require two posts to charge up. These spells also have a larger effect on fatigue that is comparable to a four minute sprint. Unlike demons, however, Humans are able to create magical wards at Tier 1 instead of Tier 2.

Tier 2 Spells (Moderate)
Tier 2 spells are considerably stronger than Tier 3. Tier 2 spells possess the most offensive and defensive capabilities, but are more draining on a Demon to use and require a longer charge of two posts. A Tier 2 spell can last for a total of four posts before weakening or diminishing completely. Examples of this tier would be summoning a force field, conjuring a blast of air, or teleporting themselves from one magic circle to another. Tier 2 spells can also create magical wards.  Tier 2 spells have a negative effect on the caster's fatigue and mentality. The fatigue is comparable to a four minute sprint, and the impact on mentality can be monetary confusion or disorientation.
For Humans: Spell Circles and Incantations require three posts to charge up. These spells also have a larger effect on fatigue that is comparable to an eight minute sprint. The impact on their mentality is lasting confusion or complete disorientation and dizziness.

Tier 3 Spells (High)
The baddest of the bad. Tier 3 spells are the most dangerous available to a demon, to both himself and others. This tier of magic allows for much stronger offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as various other things that would normally be considered reality-warping. Magic of this tier requires three posts to chant the incantation or draw and charge the magic circle. Examples of this tier would be reviving the dead, changing the species of a character, and many others that are left up to the imagination of the player. Be warned though, Tier 3 spells are prone to have crippling weaknesses. Tier 3 spells are incredibly draining on the caster's mentality, while also having a significant impact on their physique. The effects on the caster's mentality can include, but are not limited to: Complete confusion, temporary amnesia, inability to cast spells for an indefinite amount of time.

Magic Circles and Incantations
Magic Circles and Incantations are the medium that allows Demons to utilize magic. Equal in use and preparation, Magic Circles and Incantations are essential to the success of magic. Magic Circles require a certain finesse and artistic ability, compared to Incantations which are significantly more flexible.

Example of a Magic Circle

Magic circles normally take on features and designs similar to the element being used, or simply the use of the circle in general. For instance, a circle used for reanimating a corpse might have a skull on it, while a circle used for conjuring a flame might glow red.

Example of an Incantation
”Omnipotens diis vestris mihi potestatem tribuas.
Tueri et dirige me ad salutem per laborem patiar.”

Incantations are normally not spoke in english, but are not restricted to a certain language. Normally, a Demon prefers to speak in his native tongue when uttering incantations and chants, but some may find it more comfortable and easy to speak in english. Incantations normally have some relation to the element or use of the magic. Using Google Translate is a free and excellent way of translating text into other languages for incantations.

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Re: Guide to Magic

Post by Kris on 5th August 2013, 4:45 am

If you're ready to create your own demon magic, then head on over to the Magic Creation Board and used the template below to apply.

Name: (The name of your technique. This is not a very vital part of the application process and is primarily used for organization purposes.)
Magic Tier: (The tier of the magic spell you're creating. Tier 1-3.)
Element: (The element alignment of the spell. Applicable elements include: Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Shield Magic, Black Magic, Ward Magic.)
Type: (The type of spell you're creating. Applicable types include: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary)

    -Secondary Type: (The sub-type of the spell. This is just a more descriptive field than the type field. Some applicable sub-types include: Area of Effect, Conjuring, Binding, Buff, Debuff)

Cool down: (The number of your own posts that you are required to wait in order to cast the spell again.)

Description: (Describe the spell you're creating in as much detail as possible. Given the extent of reality-bending magic already creates, this field is more aimed towards describing the effects of the magic, damage it can cause, and the like rather than how it's cast. This is also the location to describe the drawback of the spell.)

Magic Circle/Incantation:  (You have the choice of either describing the spell circle, finding a picture of the spell circle, or writing and utilizing an incantation of words for your spell. These are required.)


[b]Name:[/b] replace with text
[b]Magic Tier:[/b] replace with text
[b]Element:[/b] replace with text
[b]Type:[/b] replace with text
[i]-Secondary Type:[/i] replace with text[/list]
[b]Cool down:[/b] replace with text

[b]Description:[/b] replace with text

[b]Magic Circle/Incantation:[/b] replace with text
The process of applying for Magic is rather easy. The first step to applying for magic is in the "Magic Creation" board. To begin, create a topic with your character's name, followed by [Magic Registration]. This will allow us to keep the board organized so that we can examine the applications as quickly as possible in an organized manner.

After you've created this topic, copy and paste the template from the code above these instructions and fill out each of the fields. An example of how these fields should be completed will be included below these instructions. Once your magic has been fully approved, you'll be able to move on to the next step.

In the Spellbook subforum, create a topic with your character's name in the title, followed by [Spellbook]. This is the topic in which you will edit every time the magic you apply for is approved. Please note that only approved magic will be permitted to be posted in your spellbook. If you're found posting illegitimate magics, you will be met with harsh consequences.

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